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"The HealthCheck really tied our thinking together at the outset, you have worked really well alongside our team in the launch of our new E-learning platform. All our markets are giving it the thumbs up, well done!"

− Retail Training Manager - Jaguar Land Rover

"This is amazing! I’ve worked in open and distance learning since 1982 and have never seen anything as powerful. The final video just blew me away."

− Senior Manager, Education

"Your expertise in this subject, coupled with your infectious enthusiasm resulted in a hugely enjoyable workshop that all who attended deemed to be a great success."

− Assistant Director, Training Development - The Army

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Google Glass shows its worth in the workplace

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bits-projectglass-tmagArticleIs Google Glass a useful technology for learning? John Helmer finds early indications that it might be, as organisations rush to find workplace applications for wearable technology.

Here’s an interesting follow-up to our recent blog piece about Google Glass – and an unmissable chance to say ‘we-told-you-so’. Confirming our own feeling that wearable technologies will find a home more easily within working environments than in our leisure lives, a piece in the New York Times says that, ‘Consumers have been wary of Glass. Yet it is finding more enthusiastic acceptance in the workplace …’.

This acceptance within organisations for Glass, if it continues and spreads, is liable to place wearable technology firmly within the future remit of L&D. Experience shows that once a new communications technology proves its utility as a productivity tool, calls for its use in training are not far behind – just look what happened with smartphones and tablets.
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